c0deReview is a thing

c0deReview is a framework designed to facilitate sharing. In more practical terms it’s a weekly chance for people to meet, have a meal together and to share knowledge about their work with music, code and configuring computers. This usually happens on Thursdays at 17:00 (CET).


In topology, a clopen set (a portmanteau of closed-open set) in a topological space is a set which is both open and closed. That this is possible may seem counter-intuitive, as the common meanings of open and closed are antonyms, but their mathematical definitions are not mutually exclusive. A set is closed if its complement is open, which leaves the possibility of an open set whose complement is also open, making both sets both open and closed, and therefore clopen.

Safe space

The reason c0deReview is clopen is because in order for sharing to be possible there first needs to be a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing knowledge with one another. Without trust communication breaks down and nothing can be learned. When care is taken to foster an environment which is conducive to learning good things can happen.

Tools for learning

The expressed aim of c0deReview is to produce tools for code practices connected to sound through learning in informal presentations, discussion, collaboration and experimentation. This aim is guided by our sense of the dissemination of knowledge being of value to us, our sense of it allowing us to flourish.